Afternoon classes specially designed for English-fluent elementary and junior high school students!

Elementary Sample Schedule

Arrival & Initial Meeting

Read alouds, language games

Literacy Workshop

Reading, writing, and oral language development

Individualized literacy instruction in the full range of skills (comprehension, prediction, inferring, word decoding, spelling, grammar, etc....everything!)

Customized app for extended learning between home and school

Additional support through small group focus work and select language games




Project Time

Children research their own deep questions and share what they learn with others

Children develop research and presentation skills, helping them to become independent learners and critical thinkers!


Closing Meeting

Review of day’s events, read alouds, language games




18:00~19:00 (Contact us for details)

Does your English-speaking child need a place to converse and learn?

Look no further!
Our afternoon and evening programs are exclusively for fluent English speaking elementary and junior high school students–perfect for Returnees, English Kindergarten Graduates, and Dual Cultural Children who attend Japanese elementary and junior high schools. Our curriculum and environment are carefully designed to maximize language use and to provide each child with personalized literacy instruction.

At Discovery, your child’s inquiries serve as the starting point for engaging in research projects, where teachers assist children in finding and sharing answers to questions and topics of their own personal interest. This provides the opportunity for natural and contextual English communication, and ensures a high level of personal motivation!

Here are a few projects our Grads and Teens groups have researched:

  • How are cars made?
  • Why are people born?
  • Why does the Earth spin?
  • How do you make a video?

At Discovery, we recognize that children develop reading and writing skills at different paces. We individualize instruction in order to provide each child with the precise support they need to continue growing as readers and writers in all areas:  Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Vocabulary. We also spend time in small groups to increase children’s understanding and use of grammatical structures in speech and writing.

Know what’s happening in your child’s class!
Teachers share classroom doings with photos and videos after each class on our secure parent app. We also speak to parents in person at the end of each class, and offer parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child’s English development.

After each research project, children share what they have learned in various ways:  books, posters, videos, puppet shows, etc. Sound interesting? Come in for a visit to see what a unique program we have to offer!

Contact us to schedule a free trial lesson. Parents may attend to gain an understanding of our approach to learning. If space permits, enrollment is permitted any time of year!


Contact us for a free trial lesson!

Tuition and Fees

Our school year starts in April and ends in March. If space permits, children may enroll at any time of year.

Enrollment Fee: ¥25,000
Class Monthly Charge
1x / week
Monthly Charge
2x / week
Grades 1-6, 16:30~18:30
¥17,000 ¥30,500
Junior High Grades 1-3
Maintenance Fee (yearly): One month tuition
  • Free trial lesson available. Contact us to schedule your visit.
  • Prospective students must pass an English level check test prior to admission.
  • Depending on class size, some grades may be combined.
Grads & Teens Course Schedule
Class Per week Day Grade Time
1〜2 times / week
Tuesday Elementary Grades 1, 3

Wednesday Elementary Grades 1, 2
Thursday Elementary Grades 3~6
Friday Elementary Grades 2, 4~6
TEENS 1 time / week Thursday Junior High 1~3 18:00〜19:00